material images, findings, collages

‚Findings‘ (sand, aluminium, rusty metal, paper, cardboard, roof slates, bitumen, etc.) offer me the opportunity to assemble various combinations, which, during the work process, stand in harmony with the content matter of the objective. The found materials are given a new identification through their use and modification. The history or function of the material loses its meaning. ‚Staged spaces‘ appear- a symbiosis of artistic and natural space with social-critical, organic components with a world-perspective. The immense worlds of outlook and experience of these findings are transported into another initiated reality and thereby attain a new existential dimension. They become an important medium, carried by hidden messages between yesterday and today, this side and beyond it, between earth and heaven, the finite and infinite, between world and environment, human and nature, time and space, between the origins of all being.


艺术创作中不同的材质(例如沙,铝,铁,纸,纸壳等等)的可塑性给于我很大的创作空间。 通过对这些不同物质的组合我富于我的艺术作品以不同的艺术含义。这些物质本身在艺术创作过程中便失去了其原有功能和历史, 而是直接汇入了艺术品当中去。在艺术创作中,我利用不同的物质创造出了所谓的艺术空间,在艺术空间中将艺术,自然,社会以及环境等素材融合在一起。这些艺术创作的素材便成为了艺术含义的载体,他们承载着昨天和今天,天与地,永恒和瞬间等等主题。